ya1Dear Researchers and Graduate Students,

Your journey through academia is lengthy and arduous and at times includes tasks that you simply cannot or should not do by yourself. Sometimes you need help, and that's where I come in: I am here to do for you the things that you don’t want to do, can't do, or shouldn't do by yourself, at a level and manner that enables you to continue working toward your goals.

I am familiar with the various levels and requirements of the higher education system. Further, I am familiar with the writing and researching processes and with the academic publishing and peer review process. To date, I have worked with hundreds of clients, and I have translated, edited, or summarized over 1,500 essays and papers in various fields in the humanities and social sciences. My experience is your peace of mind.

Working with me is a pleasant and peaceful experience. Together, in advance, we will agree on what I am to do, when the job should be completed, and how much it will cost. The work will be submitted at the time and at the level we agreed upon. Everything is clear and aboveboard for both parties, in advance. Also, as a matter of course, I safeguard your privacy.

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